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18th Novembre 2010


Day 18 - Favorite singer (part 2)

Another beast, but this beast can do everything with his voice. From grind screams ond moans with Fantomas to ’60s italian pop song with mondo cane.

Mike now is famous for his experimentation, but I still think that he does really his best when starts to sing in a more tipical “rock” way, as he did with Faith No More first and Tomahawk later… He can do that clear and aggressive like no one else.

When I see Faith No More live last year and they played “Easy” (not my fav song of FNM…) I couldn’t believe my ears, because Mike’s voice was incredible on that song.

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18th Novembre 2010


Day 18 - Favorite singer (part 1)

David Yow is the technically worst singer on the planet… but he’s the best FRONTMAN ever, a beast on the stage.

He’s my hero.

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17th Novembre 2010


Day 17 - Favorite bassist

This (crazy) man is probably the reason why i started to play bass

but, this other (big) man is one of the reasons of my current style in playing bass

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17th Novembre 2010


Day 16 - Favorite drummer

I love a lot of drummers, like Matt Cameron, Brann Dailor, Dave Grohl, John Stanier, Gene Trautmann, Josh Freese, Jaki Liebezeit, Danny Carey, George Hurley, Brant Bjork, Manfred Merwald,… but the most INSANE drummer that my eyes have ever seen is probably Jacopo Battaglia. I don’t know if he’s my favorite, but he’s really fucking incredible.

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16th Novembre 2010


Day 15 - Favorite guitarist

I can’t choose between my 2 favorite guitar players…

Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard, Tomahawk)

He have such and incredible style and touch, so sharp and alienating. And he’s a great riff-maker.

some example:

The Jesus Lizard - Monkey Trick

Tomahawk - Flashback

Josh Homme (Kyuss, Desert Sessions, Queens of the Stone Age)

The creator of the most muddy and desert wall of sound of all time. Great composer too, with an unique style.

Kyuss - Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop

Queens of the Stone Age - Better Living Through Chemistry

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15th Novembre 2010


Day 14 - Favorite album from your favorite artist

Probably I am costricted to bring on the way of my choose on day 1… But, well, I just realized that in the last 10 days i didn’t listen to Shellac at all.

It’s a strange time for me, I’m a bit tired of the bands that I love, and I put them in stand-by, but I’m not able to find other good music on which I feel to totally focus on.

But friday I decided to dust off Mastodon, and I listened to Leviathan all day. So I’m gonna pick it… Just because is my favourite album from the only band among my favorites that in these days I’ve been listening to…

(As you can read, my english is not improving at all :D)

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13th Novembre 2010


Day 13 - Your favorite songwriter

well… listen to the chorus of this song… Do I have to say something else?

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13th Novembre 2010


Day 12 - A song you used to love but don’t anymore

Obviously I still think that is not a bad song at all, I’m only pretty tired of this tune…

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11th Novembre 2010


Day 11: A Song You Hate

I can’t stand that the band that had introduced me in music has really made a fucking ridiclous song like this one…

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10th Novembre 2010


Day 10 - Favorite classic (over 20 years old) album

Today I have no doubt. And no words.

peel slowly and see…

ps. “Venus in Furs” = best rock song ever. Really.

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